One Square Foot, A Printshop

Photos by Tom Smith

Extra ordinary locations, extraordinary light. Mounted prints are one square foot. No frame required, ready to hang. Cards are 5.25" x 5.25" folded size with envelopes. Books are coming soon.

  • Squares

    12" x 12" = 144sq" | 1sq'


  • From City Sidewalks

    12" x 12" = 144sq" | 1sq'


  • Rectangles

    9.375" x 15.375" = 144sq" | 1sq'


  • Notecards

    Square notecards 5.25" x 5.25".


The Golden Ratio, A Photo Blog

Aspect Ratio

Since not all photos are suited to a square crop, the golden ratio comes to mind. You can also take this idea and create a golden rectangle. Take a square and multiple one side by 1.618 to get a new shape: a rectangle with harmonious proportions.


9.375" x 15.375" has that approximate ratio and is one square foot.

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