• Custom mounted prints of a Coca Cola wall mural

    We print your own favourite Instagram style photos.

    Square, self adhesive mounted photo prints. 12' x 12" = one square foot.

  • Square mounted print with teacups.

    Easy to order, easy to use.

    Ready to hang, no tools required. Easily removed or repositioned.

Instagram print of a door with Christmas wreath in Hudson, New York

Order prints from my collections.

One Square Foot is Tom Smith, Toronto printer and photographer. Custom sizes and formats available by request.



Since not all photos are suited to a square crop, the golden ratio comes to mind. You can also take this idea and create a golden rectangle. Take a square and multiple one side by 1.618 to get a new shape: a rectangle with harmonious proportions.


9.375" x 15.375" has that approximate ratio and is one square foot.